Groups 244

A Sample Meeting

This is just a sample – and each week you may do things a little differently but make sure you have covered the main things in bold each time. Each week you may have a different facilitator too!

Invite 3 or more couples or individuals to your house, or agree to meet at the house /apartment of one of those invited. Agree upon a time and start when most everyone has arrived. You can have some coffee or a meal but this is purely optional.

Encouraging one another
As people come in and get settled you can ask an icebreaker question or two to get the conversation flowing some.
You can also ask folks about their week and this may lead to some good sharing about victories folks experienced but also reveal some needs people have.
Remind people that nothing shared in group leaves the group.

After some sharing this may be a great time to be praying to God and for one another

God may allow some healing from past hurts to take place during the meeting as people share personal stories

Next you will want to spend some time in teaching -- the Bible -- with one another
Perhaps the topic for the night might be “Do we pray fervently for others?”
The key text could be the story found in Acts 12: 1 – 19
You might study by asking some simple questions and then digging deeper (see the tab on that)
Everyone should be encouraged to participate! The Holy Spirit is the guide!

If time and the circumstances are conducive, you might have some worship with spontaneous psalms or a simple song (but nothing rehearsed and such). If you are meeting in a workplace environment like a lunch room or the like, you may not be able to do that.

Reaching others in our zones of influence (workplace, school, regular places where you shop, etc) is something that every disciple should make as a goal. Spend some time before leaving each meeting by praying for those that need Jesus and set goals to share with them at the earliest opportunity.

Always end by settling on where you will gather next and who will facilitate the next group meeting!