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Please bear with us while we are working to provide you with the best tools you can use and download!

If you have study outlines or other helps that you think another group could use, please attach a file and send it to and share the wealth!
We'll review it and post it if appropriate!

Examples of Study Outlines
Remaining Faithful in these Times
What Jesus said about the Bible Part One
What Jesus said about the Bible Part Two

House Group Topical Studies (under development)
(Note: You don't have to do these in the same order that we do / and your group may want other topics we did not cover)
Lesson 1 Family of God
Lesson 2 When Life Throws You a Curve Ball
Lesson 3 Anger Management
Lesson 4 Taking Advantage of Time

More lessons coming!!

Evangelism Tools
Creation to the Cross Telling the Story in Five Minutes
Creation to Cross Video
Are you ready for the eclipse (an example of a contextualized tract)?

Coming soon
Sample Icebreaker Questions
The Healing Process

Storying Resources

Story Set Downloads
Spanish (coming soon)